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Mental Health, Musings / Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

A few weeks ago, I was telling my therapist about my woeful finances.

With most of our money going to build MyndStories, and the sudden, drastic cut in marketing spend from corporates, we were staring at a mountain we had no idea how to climb.

My therapist turned Life Coach and asked to diversify my income streams.

All my life, I hadn’t considered monetizing my writing. This blog remains ad-free. I write for Deccan Herald, yes, and those features are paid, but Rs 6,000 per feature once in a while is not what I would call steady income.

Then, I realized that I have some sort of a following on LinkedIn. I receive DMs telling me that something I write there made a difference. I can’t understand why, but there’s something about sharing my naked soul that makes other people heard.

I can’t monetize LinkedIn.

So, in a fit of indulgence, here I am. On Substack.

And I have spent this week, amused, by my interactions with Stripe, the only payment gateway on Substack. Initially, we wanted to link MyndStories to it, but my business partner’s Irish residence causes a LOT of payment headaches.

But that’s not what amused me.

It amused me to interact with customer support on Stripe. I know how a person who is one of my blog’s most ardent supporters is an operations manager there. It amuses me how our thread never goes away. Recently, I unblocked that person on LinkedIn – to give that person the gift of blocking me again. It’s kinda fun, all this blocking and unblocking. I play that game now as one might with a petulant child who knows no better.

And I will be even more amused if/when Stripe’s horrible customer support can finally approve my payments. Hey, perhaps, the Operations Manager can help? πŸ˜‰

I will then write more there, although most of my content will continue to be free. I will share my Substack page in my next post and hope I can see you there.

Light and Love,


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    1. I hope ardent supporter will also become a paying subscriber on Substack? Of course, we need ardent support to help us first with Stripe. Should I drop a polite email to the official ID? πŸ˜‰

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