Best Decision Of 2017

Everyday / Friday, December 15th, 2017

I am not a very decisive person. I guess there is something about being born in June that makes you think you are a typical Gemini. I am the sort of person who struggles with decisions that are life-changing, such as which shampoo to choose, for instance. Or worse, whether I should go running today or workout with weights.

So, what could I say was the best decision I took in 2017? Running a business means that there are no decisions you can call the best. Every day is a momentous stock-taking of all the countless decisions you take just to make it end. But then I think about it, and I realize that the best decision I took this year was the decision to write to an estranged friend in March.

It was a decision that led to a series of events, culminating in the worst lesson of 2017, and it was precisely because of the magnitude of that lesson that I believe that writing to DR then was the best decision I took this year. Why?

The best decisions are those that make you:

  • Reconcile with the past
  • Forgive the present
  • Move forward into the future with love
  • Free yourself
  • Give you peace

Writing to DR in March gave me all that. Those who know me tell me that I was better off not to have written ever to DR considering the hell that later. But no. I would have stood poorer if I hadn’t written in March.

I wouldn’t have struggled with demons; I wouldn’t have known that there exists an incredible soul connection on the other side of bitchydom; I wouldn’t have known what it is to truly connect and then abruptly, shorn of all pretence, to just drop the nucleus that fuses one mind to another. I would have just remained a speck. But because I wrote, I grew larger in my own vision – a sense of awe at the wonder of what the Universe can bring together, and what petty human beings can tear asunder. Without a shadow of doubt, that was the best decision of 2017.

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